Liquid Blush for Natural Look

12 Feb 2020

Recommended Liquid Blush for Natural Look

Get your natural flush with these liquid blush

Cloud Paintimage


Glossier Cloud Paint shade Haze

Join the millennial-pretty-packaging party with this liquid blush that looks so pretty on medium-tan skin!

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Liquid Blushimage


O.TWO.O Liquid Blush shade 03 Torrid

Who could say no to an affordable product that works?

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Liquid Blushimage


NARS Liquid Blush shade Orgasm

Scandalous shade name, but that won't stop us, right?

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Blush Cushionimage


3CE Blush Cushion shade Peach

Worry not, this blush cushion is made for reapplying throughout the day!

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Dandelion Dew Baby-Pink Liquid Blushimage


Benefit Dandelion Dew Baby-Pink Liquid Blush shade Dandelion - Soft Pink

For fairer skin, this liquid blush can freshen your complexion without looking too much.

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